Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Ordinary Field

One for all the Not Drowning, Waving fans.

A reader to whom I'm most grateful, sent a link to a web site,
in response to a question from Richard on the Sing Sing post,
way back in June.
You can download both the Mini Lp and the unreleased
Album from this brilliant band from the site.

An Ordinary Field were a Melbourne band that existed between 1986 and 1989.
Their recorded output consists of one six track mini LP,
‘No Hands for the Preacher”, released in May 1987 on the Rampant label.

The band also self funded the recording of a full length album for
Rampant Records, which was to have been entitled “Will”.
This was never released, a consequence of Not Drowning Waving
leaving the Rampant label in 1988 (AN ORDINARY FIELD “shared”
Not Drowning Waving’s drummer (Russel Bradley) and engineer (Tim Cole)).

An Ordinary Field were:

Russel Bradley – drums and percussion

David Brown – guitar

Peter Brown – keyboards and programming

Chris Burns – vocals

Adam Duke – bass

AN ORDINARY FIELD played a number of live shows in
Melbourne in 1986 – 1989. They disbanded in 1989.

Download site Here


Curty Ray said...

Woulld you happen to have any Team Jedi?

Great blog Tanks

Curty Ray

Bobby said...

Wow, great stuff. Thanks for the tip on the link.

I've go this on now while I'm about to wash my socks, not sure if that's what the band had in mind.

My friend just gave me a copy of The Moodists' Thirsty's Calling. Another bloody great band I've been ignorant to for too long. I'm struggling to find any other Moodist (and Moodist-related) releases - anyone have any easy links?

Thank you as always!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry Curty Ray No Team Jedi, if anyone can help feel free to step in.
Bobby Ill upload the other moodists album, an who knows maybe time for some Dave as well.
I quiet like the idea of sock washing music.
ciao bob

Richard Grant said...

fantastic, couldn't have got a better answer! anyone know who put up the site, i gather someone from the band themselves? many many thanks. i saw them a few times live and wondered why they weren't more popular.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry no idea Richard,
band member would seem likely
Its great however
ciao bob

Richard Grant said...

you may be interested in this too:
you might be interested:

earlier but similar vibe, although rather strong gang of four leanings here :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks richard
ciao bob

Wozza said...

Mr Bill Tolsen, owner of the Rampant Record Label that released the An Ordinary Field EP has popped up on ebay selling off a large number of records, including many Rampant mint condition pressings (NDW and Easter included)- the test pressing of An Ordinary Fields "No Hands for the Preacher" is here:

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

fantastic information wozza

Anonymous said...

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