Friday, March 8, 2013

Boys Next Door Live 1977

A Boys Next Door Live Cassette released back in the early 80s. This comes from an un-numbered copy of a release of 500.
The blurb on the cover states:

On August 19th 1977 The Boys Next Door played their second public performance at a 'New Wave Rock Show' at Swinburne College in Melbourne. they were bottom of a bill that also comprised The Obsessions (who included Rowland Howard) and the headliners The Reals (who included Gary Gray, Ian Olsen and Chris Walsh). For some reason The Obsessions pulled out and were replaced by The Babeez (later to become The News). Entrance was 50c.
This live tape was recorded by 3SW and only rediscovered recently. What you hear is a rough but accurate recording of one of the seminal Melbourne punk concerts, and of a band that were to develop into the most important Australian bands of recent times.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. A nice listen following his show here in Melb. last week.

TikiGraham said...

Haven't checked the links yet - but have a look at these too:

David Gerard said...

I got this ... pushing thirty years ago. Au Go Go had a few last copies in stock. Crikey.