Friday, March 15, 2013

I Am Vertical Cassette

Thanks again to Sean for another cassette release from back in 1984 from Brisband I Am Vertical. I'm not too familiar with their stuff myself but I do remember 'This Holocaust We Walk In' receiving a bit of airplay on 4ZzZ back in the day.

Track List:
This Holocaust We Walk In...
No Windows
One Jump Ahead
Monochrome Emotion
Procession (of fear)

Get it HERE


Andrew Bartlett said...

Thanks for posting this.

Hugh Lyons, listed as a guitarist here, died in February of 1984 at age of 21 or 22 - this cassette was recorded just after that. This Holocaust We Walk In was about that. I reckon it's easily the best song on the cassette.

Hugh plays on this recording in one track - One Jump Ahead - which was recorded live at Amyl's Nightspace in 1983 as part of a Brisband competition organised (I think) by 4ZZZ. The performance of that is pretty scratchy, but his lead guitar stands out well so we decided to use it.

The rest of the cassette was recorded at Basement Studios in Little Roma St (not only is the building not there any more, the whole street has gone).

The 'Poem' track is just a reading of the poem I Am Vertical, which was written by Sylvia Plath:
I Am Vertical, but I would Rather Be Horizontal, etc

This cassette was the only formal release by the band, although we did record two more songs - Tennessee Williams (very much in a Sisters of Mercy mould) and Two Hands.

I've got recordings of those 2 songs if you want them.

Two Hands appeared on 4ZZZ's State of Emergence compilation LP - last track I think - and was number 3 in ZZZ's Hot 100 (most likely in 1985 - I can't find Hot 100 lists for the mid-80s).

Ray Moynihan, the other guitarist, also played with The Furious Turtles. He went on to work for the ABC as a journo. Since then, he has become internationally known for his investigations and writings about the pharmaceutical industry,

Bass player and singer Geoff Wood also went on to work for ABC radio and was producer of their religion program for many years.

Andrew Bartlett said...

Sorry, forgot to mention Chris Coulter, who played trombone on 1 song (Move).

He was also part of the brass section for The Furious Turtles.

Bob said...

Thanks for your imput Andrew, I for one would love to hear the 2 songs you have recordings of. Also love your radio show on Monday morning, its a great start to the week!

Andrew Bartlett said...

Thanks for that Bob - much appreciated.

I've put the 2 songs - Two Hands and Tennessee Williams - up on my Soundcloud page.

People can listen to the songs at:


Stas59 said...

Wow, this brings back so many memories. I was an announcer at ZZZ from 85 to 91. Geoff Wood was there when I started, really friendly intelligent guy and a great inspiration as an announcer. Thanks for this and thanks to Andrew Bartlett for his comments and added tracks.