Friday, March 1, 2013

The Gatekeepers - Cosmic Street Cassette

An old 1983 cassette release from Brisbane band The Gatekeepers.
(Thanks to my brother in-law Sean for keeping this in such great condition for all these years).
Members on this recording are Peter Jetnikoff, Margot Hoyte, Greg Wadley and Elizabeth Connolly. Check out this post for more info on the band.

Get the recording here.

And don't forget to head over to The Gatekeepers Bandcamp page for more.


chuck said...

Peter has uploaded most of gatekeepers stuff at bandcamp for pay what you think is fair pricing - a new (old song slection) was added only a few days ago and is a must look.
from site info -

I started this last year when I was at home nursing a broken leg but it has gone on. I am working pretty much daily to finish it but I also want it right. The new Gatekeepers album (ie the one with new material) is also in progress. Publishing this in dribs and drabs will help ease the self-administered pressure on this and allow more concentration on the new stuff. I'll add tracks as I finish them but I've left the unfilled tracks there as an indication o' things to come (all them have liner notes, too). Onzhwah!

This really is a holiday hobby project. These songs were either never recorded or recorded poorly or abandoned. When I went on a paper purge a few months back I found a swag o' old song lyric sheets and got the ole (actually quite new) 12 string out to see if I could remember how to play them. I got a surprising perfect score and some of them really felt good to sing again. So here they are.

Unless I've had to finish lyrics these words are the ones I wrote. Outside of this context some of them would embarras me.

In most cases I've kept the arrangements appropriate to what I imagined when I was writing them. Now and then I've done things I wouldn't have at the time but generally these are close to how they would have been if I'd had a good home recording setup at the time. The only songs entirely written outside of Brisbane (and by me in my teens or twenties) are the last four.
released 27 February 2013
All songs: Peter Jetnikoff 1981-2012

peter jetnikoff said...

Thanks for posting this, Bazzil. Chuck told me about it. We did a few different colour schemes for the cover and this shows that I've forgotten some. For which thanks. Greg Gilbert also drummed on some of the songs here.

This made it into RAM's independent top 20 on late '83. This means it either sold five copies that fortnight or someone who knew us put the name in (it wasn't us honest). If I can find the page from the magazine I'll post it to my bandcamp page. Chuck's already left the link there so I won't repeat it. All welcome there.

Peter Jetnikoff

bazzil said...

Hi Peter

Didn't know you had a site up.
Good to see you're keeping the old recordings available ;)

peter jetnikoff said...

It's too easy to do we're mad if we don't. I was really inspired by going through the FB page about the Bris scene that I thought I might as well. Glad I did as some of the old tapes have deteriorated massively over time (hint, if you know someone with a time machine, go back and put everything on chrome cassettes!)No need to say how much I appreciate SSS so I will: I really appreciate SSS.


Bob said...

Thanks Peter from the team, I shall put a link to your site on the blog

peter jetnikoff said...

Just a shout out for any coming across this page. I will be playing a set of Gatekeepers songs at Phase 4 in the Valley at 4pm on Boxing Day.

Peter Jetnikoff

peter jetnikoff said...

In case anyone was interested, the new Gatekeepers album is available on bandcamp at

Cheese 'n' cheers