Monday, July 29, 2013

5MMM's Compilation Album Of Adelaide Bands 1980

A great compilation released by Adelaide communty radio station 5MMM (now known as Three D Radio - 5DDD)
Includes tracks from 6 Rock-Off finalists and 7 other bands that emerged during 1980.

The ones that stand out most for me would have to be The Dagoes, The Jumpers (maybe Australia's first ska band) and The Brats classic Life On The Dole.

Track List:

The Dagoes - Kid's Got Style
Systems Go - Red Light On
The Jumpers - 1966
The Lounge - Raco Bissell
The Manics - Lipstick And Foundation
The Bad Poets - Crash Sweet Crash
Street Corner Jack - Every Home
Desperate Measures - Man In A grey Hat
The Hares - Rats
The Brats - Life On The Dole
The Ungrateful Children - Good Mates
Natasha Koodrasev - Women Break Out
Nuvo Bloc - Never Mind

Get it HERE

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Butterfingers - Live at the Wireless- JJJ - 07-17-2006

Butterfingers is Brisbane's trailblazing, wickedly funny and all
round successful hip hop masters.They have been putting out
the beats since 2002 and now appear to be on a hiatus as
lead singer Evil Eddie pursues his solo career and work
with Brisbane band SpitFireLiar.
Two albums and a stack of singles as well as a heap of
awards this live at the wireless recording is an excellent
Check them out on this wonderful tune!

Download Here