Friday, November 29, 2013

Hell To Pay - Two Days Off Five days On

With one dude from the best Australian cow punk band ever and another from Brisbane's nastiest band, how could you go wrong?

Members - Ian Rilen, Cathy Green, Spencer P. Jones and Tony Biggs



Bob Nebe said...

Done coop, I shall check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

Saw these guys supporting The Cruel Sea back in 92, but Cathy Green wasn't in the band, Tony Biggs was on drums and Jon Schofield was on bass.

Anonymous said...

tony biggs can be heard from 9am to midday every friday on radio rrr melbourne. listn to him on the rrr website especially between 11 and 12 when he does talkback radio.

Anonymous said...

Saw them twice at The Orient Hotel - first time w- Cathy Green, second time with John Schofield. Need to find their album.